Just hit the back button

Every now and then, whether it's online or elsewhere, whenever I or others post anything, there has to be that one comment that goes like:


Why did you make this? Its Horible. It makes me feel uncomfortable.

Well, you can simply hit the nice little back button on your web browser, the back button on your Android phone, or the home button on an iPhone.


B-but muh feelings?

While your feelings about the content are valid, advocating for censorship isn't the best solution. Consider using the back button to navigate away if it's not to your liking.


Well then you should be ban!

Once again, the topic of censorship arises. It's essential to recognize that people should not be censored simply because of content that may not align with personal preferences. Embracing diverse perspectives and fostering open dialogue is crucial for a healthy exchange of ideas. Instead of advocating for censorship, let's encourage a more inclusive approach. If you come across content you don't enjoy, consider engaging in constructive conversations or simply choosing to navigate away. Embracing a variety of viewpoints contributes to a richer and more vibrant online community.

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